New House in Poole!

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We are delighted to announce that Hope Housing has now purchased it’s first freehold property. The completion date was early December last year. We have since had our maintenance team dispatched to the property to tie up any loose ends and ensure it is compliant with our Health and Safety Policy. The property is now fully kitted with fire proof doors as well as other minor amendments.

Subsequent to these works, our maintenance team have also fitted each of the rooms with the necessary furnishings. These items of furniture are all brand new and are to a high quality in standard. We were assisted financially by the Charitable Trust, ‘Help the Homeless’, to afford these items.

picture for blogThe house holds 4 bedrooms. As soon as the bedrooms became ‘online’ (suitable for accommodation) we have been able to start moving clients in to reside within the property. 4 vulnerable clients are now living within the house and have been since just before Christmas 2014. They were extremely grateful to be offered housing and especially at that time of year.

This property is our first outside the Bournemouth area. We are thrilled that we making progression on our expansion strategy, providing much needed accommodation to as many people as possible within a wider reach. I am pleased to report that we are already nurturing relationships with organisations and agencies within Poole that are able to provide us with referrals and resources to support our clients.

Our gratitude goes to the Talbot Village Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation who provided us with a means for a deposit.

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