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Naomi Clark

Hope Housing would like to thank Naomi Clark for her altruistic kindness. We were able to be meet Naomi in response to an article published in the Bournemouth Echo – inserted below:

THE family of a big-hearted schoolgirl who spent her Christmas pocket money buying presents for a homeless person is looking for help getting them to someone in need.

To her parents’ surprise little Naomi Clark, 11, came back from a shopping trip with her friend with a pillow, cushion, blanket, cookies and a chocolate santa, wanting to give them to someone homeless.

But with just days to go before Christmas, and some charities inundated with donations, they were unable to do anything in time. Now they are looking for a organisation to take them and make sure they get to someone in need.

Her step-dad Nigel Martin said: “She’s got a very big heart. I’ve been involved on a volunteer basis working with homeless people, and she’s obviously taken it on board.

It’s quite amazing to see a young person like that really wanting to do something.”

We managed to arrange for Naomi to visit our premises in February just past. Naomi came with her Mother and joined two of our Support Workers and three of our residents. In our living room over coffee and cake we enjoyed talking to our guests about our Charity and its history. Naomi also had her opportunity to give away her bag of goodies to our residents. It was a real pleasure to see someone of a young age so benevolent.


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