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‘Working Together App’ (infographic)

The ‘Working Together’ app aids the delivery and impact of local services for the vulnerable. Use the ‘Working-together app’ to have a greater understanding of each client journey providing a more relevant and effective service:

Pick up on trends: Learn how clients are developing in other services to see if there is a trend in their behaviours. This identification will help target issues more rapidly and effectively.


 Better decision making processes: sharing thoughts and ideas with other services will help make more informed decisions. Tapping into a wider pool of knowledge is always better than a narrower point of view. 


Continuity of care: It’s important that services talk to one another so that clients can be guided through a network of organisations in a seamless way. Clients sometimes are fed up in always dealing with services which are disjointed. Services which understand each client journey gives rise to treating issues in a holistic manner.


Learn from feedback: This technology enables clients to have their say on their experiences with services. Feedback always helps services to learn and adapt as they go.





Freehold Extension

We are delighted to announce, our extension plans for our freehold property in Poole, is soon to become a reality.

Due to unabating demand for our services, we are constantly desperate to increase our supply of bedroom units for the many people within our local community facing adversity. About a year ago we decided to extend our freehold property by increasing its full capacity to nine bedroom units (an increase by five!)

The financial support we have received from various Trusts and Foundations has been overwhelming. Our gratitude extends to ‘Talbot Village Trust’, ‘Garfield Weston Foundation’, ‘Trusthouse Foundation’, ‘The Beatrice Laing Foundation’ and ‘The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation’. These philanthropic/funding bodies has helped us secure total project costs.

Building works commenced last week (see pictures below) and are set for a completion date of January 2017. We look forward to housing such vulnerable persons, enabling them the opportunity to rehabilitate their lives.



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