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Grant from the Cooperative Community Fund

The Co-Operative Community Fund

The Cooperative Community Fund

Hope Housing, Training and Support was awarded £2,000 as a contribution to help us fund our ‘Hope Academy’ – Back to Work Accredited Training Project.

Each course holds a class of 10 of our residents. The 10 will be identified according to their needs assessment and support planning. The course will be developed and accredited by The National Open College Network (NOCN). The clients that complete the course will receive 189 guided learning hours over a 12 week period including vocational placements. Their progress will be assessed and they will be awarded 21 credits for successful completion of all the modules. Our clients will be completing Level One or Level Two Training, dependant of their ability. These levels are comparable to:

  • – (Level 1) NVQ Level 1, GCSEs D-G and Foundation Diploma
  • – (Level 2) NVQ Level 2, GCSEs A* to C and Higher Diploma

The qualification is accepted and recognised by all colleges across the UK. These credits are transferable between training centres and contribute towards further qualifications. The National Open College Network (NOCN) is a leading UK awarding organisation, offering high quality, flexible, credit-based qualifications and is accredited by the Regulatory Authorities through the UK.

Course Modules

The course comprises 6 modules. Each module has learning outcomes and assessment criteria which our clients will complete earning a NOCN certificate worth 21 credits.  Examples of the modules content include:

1. Developing Personal Development Skills

Identify personal strengths and weaknesses – Acknowledge and assess their current life situation and relationships – Identify and record personal short term goals & produce an action plan for achieving these goals

2. Introduction to Team Work

Know and demonstrate what it is meant by a team – Confirm personal action points for ways to improve working with others in a future shared activity

3. Making Choices in Pursuit of Personal Goals

Show awareness of the practical implications of pursuing personal goals – Compile a detailed checklist of actions to action personal goals, including a timetable for completion

4. Assertive Living

Understand the need for time management and be able to implement – Know what stress is and demonstrate strategies for reducing it – Identify his/her self esteem needs and indicate how they can be met

5. Vocational Tasters

In order to pass the course clients will have to complete vocational placements of their choice which we will arrange – Clients will refresh practical working experiences within a workplace – this is great for the CV’s

6. Job Seeking

Outline skills necessary for job searching and composing a CV – Identify sources of information for job vacancies – Identify the essential details that should be included when applying for a job and how to sell themselves

Project Outcomes

Having learnt and passed the course we are confident of the following client outcomes:

– 10/10 clients will pass having gained a NOCN certificate level 1 or Level 2

– 10/10 clients will  progress to either college, volunteer work placements, apprenticeships or paid work

– Change to having positive attitudes, self belief & heightened sense of achievement


Naturesave Trust Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Nature Save Trust have awarded us a grant to afford a new Green House.

For all our vulnerable residents, in each of our properties we aim to encourage them to eat healthily. As a means to achieving this, we will grow fresh fruit and vegetables by growing and maintaining allotment plots for each garden.


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