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Christmas 2015

We would like to thank so many organisations that helped us over the Christmas period. Our Christmas shoe box appeal was supported by ‘A-Plan Insurance’, ‘Bournemouth Water’ and ‘The  Co-Operative’.

We collected in total enough presents to give out to our 92 clients. All the employees that were kind enough to contribute gave away tonnes of sweets, chocolates and toiletries. Sometimes a small gift can go a long way.

shoe box

On 15 December, ‘Abbey Life Assurance’ came to our kitchens and cooked a three course Christmas Dinner for 25 clients. We thank the 10 volunteers that gave up part of their day’s busy schedule to help cook for the vulnerable. As well as preparing all foods, they waited on all clients, topping up their dishes and drinks when needed – 5 star service!!




Naomi Clark

Hope Housing would like to thank Naomi Clark for her altruistic kindness. We were able to be meet Naomi in response to an article published in the Bournemouth Echo – inserted below:

THE family of a big-hearted schoolgirl who spent her Christmas pocket money buying presents for a homeless person is looking for help getting them to someone in need.

To her parents’ surprise little Naomi Clark, 11, came back from a shopping trip with her friend with a pillow, cushion, blanket, cookies and a chocolate santa, wanting to give them to someone homeless.

But with just days to go before Christmas, and some charities inundated with donations, they were unable to do anything in time. Now they are looking for a organisation to take them and make sure they get to someone in need.

Her step-dad Nigel Martin said: “She’s got a very big heart. I’ve been involved on a volunteer basis working with homeless people, and she’s obviously taken it on board.

It’s quite amazing to see a young person like that really wanting to do something.”

We managed to arrange for Naomi to visit our premises in February just past. Naomi came with her Mother and joined two of our Support Workers and three of our residents. In our living room over coffee and cake we enjoyed talking to our guests about our Charity and its history. Naomi also had her opportunity to give away her bag of goodies to our residents. It was a real pleasure to see someone of a young age so benevolent.

New House in Poole!

kitchen picture

We are delighted to announce that Hope Housing has now purchased it’s first freehold property. The completion date was early December last year. We have since had our maintenance team dispatched to the property to tie up any loose ends and ensure it is compliant with our Health and Safety Policy. The property is now fully kitted with fire proof doors as well as other minor amendments.

Subsequent to these works, our maintenance team have also fitted each of the rooms with the necessary furnishings. These items of furniture are all brand new and are to a high quality in standard. We were assisted financially by the Charitable Trust, ‘Help the Homeless’, to afford these items.

picture for blogThe house holds 4 bedrooms. As soon as the bedrooms became ‘online’ (suitable for accommodation) we have been able to start moving clients in to reside within the property. 4 vulnerable clients are now living within the house and have been since just before Christmas 2014. They were extremely grateful to be offered housing and especially at that time of year.

This property is our first outside the Bournemouth area. We are thrilled that we making progression on our expansion strategy, providing much needed accommodation to as many people as possible within a wider reach. I am pleased to report that we are already nurturing relationships with organisations and agencies within Poole that are able to provide us with referrals and resources to support our clients.

Our gratitude goes to the Talbot Village Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation who provided us with a means for a deposit.

garden picture

Christmas 2014


For another year in a row, P&G helped us out again this Christmas just past. The P&G staff kindly launched another shoe box appeal made up of donations and managed to collate 50 beautifully wrapped presents for our clients. Each present comprised a selection of chocolates, foods, sweets, toiletries, gloves and so forth. It meant so much to our Charity to be able to give out such wonderful presents to our clients at this time of year.

We extend our gratitude to P&G and all those involved for continuing the valued support to Hope Housing. 


P&G Staff

Abbey Life

On the 16th December 10 volunteers from Abbey Life’s staff came directly to our premises with the mission of cooking a Christmas dinner for 30 of our clients. They all worked extremely well as a team in our kitchens and manage to cook a delicious three-course meal.

Tucking in!

Tucking in!

The atmosphere was very festive as we managed to host the dinner in one of our large wooden cabins. It was a delight to see all our clients together enjoying the festive feast and getting into the spirit. We would like to thank all the staff from Abbey Life that volunteered that day for their sterling efforts. We especially want to thank Philip Ward who coordinated the entire event.

Abbey Life/Hope Staff and Residents

Abbey Life/Hope Staff and Residents

P&G Harvest Festival Donation!

As part of this years harvest collection, P&G donated to us a great deal of long lasting food items: including rice, tinned fruit and vegetables, pasta and biscuits. Not only were the P&G staff kind enough to donate such a huge quantity but the P&G management matched all items given by buying an extra item for each food supply donated. In total we have received food items well worth up to £400! We will keep these items and save them for new residents that arrive without anything to eat.



We have many clients that come to us directly upon completing their custodial sentences. They leave the prison gate and move directly into our provision of accommodation. These clients usually do not have any local families or friends who can help them; this is why they seek help and accommodation from us. In this situation they have few resources and finite time to help them acquire all the basic items they need to sustain their tenancies outside of the prison.

A food starter pack would make all the difference to someone in a similar position. It usually takes a few weeks before new clients can settle and start to manage independently.

Thank you P&G.

Hope Open/Thank you Day

Wednesday 10 September was Hope’s Open Day. We wanted to also make the occasion a chance for us to give thanks to all the people and organisations we work with that make the work we do possible. A big ‘Thank You’ went out to all the agencies we use to signpost our residents as well as the local businesses and charitable trusts that donate to our cause.


Some of the highlights included 2 residents undertaking the huge task of cooking and serving delicious lentil curry and apple and sultana cakes for desert – which everyone really enjoyed. We had DJ Bizzy on the decks providing musical entertainment, a bike give away and of course an obligatory raffle – top prize was £100 worth of vouchers for Brittany Ferries! We also had one of our residents give a public speech to all our guests. It was very touching to hear his story.

Bike Give Away

We were recently donated £200 from Abbey Life Assurance Company. This sum of money was used to buy two bikes for two of our residents. We wanted to acknowledge the great achievements some of our residents have recently demonstrated. After much deliberation we decided on two which we felt deserved the bikes the most – but it was very tough on deciding since there were so many deserving candidates. We would love to be able to give away more prizes to many deserving residents!!


We were thrilled to give away the bikes at our Open Day on September 10. It was a great way to formally congratulate the two residents who were so grateful and proud of themselves. The bikes were presented to the residents by a LOCAL REALITY TV star, Carl Owen, who was in the BBC show ‘Invasion of the Job Snatchers’. Carl then took the two lucky winners for a bike ride from Bournemouth Pier all the way to Poole and back! For full details on the press coverage please click here.

Finally we would like to thank ‘On Yer Bike‘ Charminster for donating the bikes, and Ian Govier our Chair Trustee for donating two bicycle repairs kits, should our residents have any mishaps!

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